After Legros

We did a “copying” exercise to practice shading and drawing accurately,  I think mine was pretty accurate, but the range of tones was maybe a bit narrow.


My other artworks.

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the Pin-hole assignment, and a few painting/sketches on the idea of Uphill. I liked the pen black and white best, and the water color pencil drawing on the stairway leading into clouds.

Coursework Final : Video tour.

I’m self-learning Illusrator!

Shape tool and paint brush tool

My first drawings.

Coursework Cont’

A brief overview of the house I designed. Printed on a foam board for exhibition beside the video. Yes, the main image is very pixilated, but I had to do it within a time limit.

Coursework con’t

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My prep boards.

09 puppet show

Write-up 10) Puppet show. Medium: Cloth/Fabric/threads/ Video

This puppet show was a really enjoyable experience. Our “characters” were candy and we twisted the “Shoemaker and his Wife” into the “Candy-maker and his Wife” Even the little boy was a candy-lollipop. Candy people are easier to make than normal people, and since its candy, there’s no specific template, so we could make them anyway we want. Also, we twisted the story a bit, so instead of  bar that the wife opened, it was a Beauty Saloon, and instead of a mysterious man, the husband reappeared as an old women. The costumes for the shoemaker’s wife and the little boy was quite easy to make. We started by wrapping cloth around a ball of cotton, and being a women, the wife could wear a dress, but I think the dress came out looking like a Korean costume. The little boy’s one was quite simple, just shirt and pants out of felt. Making puppets was in my opinion more fun than other art lessons, since it was something new and refreshing. Also, the puppet acting was very fun. I controlled all the hands movement and although it was hard to coordinate with the people holding the puppet sticks, it was still fun. Also, the editing was really tedious, but I think I learnt a lot about he software from huiling. The voice recording was quite simple, thank goodness we didn’t add in mouth movements, that would have been a nightmare, but I think that would have shown greater technicality. Listening to us during editing was really weird. We adjusted the frequency of our voices during sound editing, but somehow everyone could guess who was speaking for who.

Sec 4 coursework

Write-Up 6) Master Bedroom

This is the top view of the master bedroom I designed. It comes with an attached bathroom, and as you can see , it has many windows. I like having natural sunlight in my house, it not as dim as some light bulbs, and it helps get me up in the morning.I like the idea of having a lot of floor space in the bedroom for relaxing, and I chose bright colors -red, pink -to brighten up the room. I think the walls are not very well done, its very hard to draw on a plat plane, so I had to draw many lines to create a wall, and even so, the thickness was not even as I had to add in additional walls to my template which was used for the first floor.

Write-up 7) Library

I referred to other two-storey libraries for this design. And like many of the home libraries, I used wood for the floor. And since I like reading and I plan to have a lot of books, I added a lot of shelves. Libraries are good places for study, so I put in two study desks, and a few armchairs for reading. I used a spiral staircase as it occupied a lot less space than any other ind, and looked really good on a few designs I’ve seen.

write up 8) Small bedroom

This is the other bedroom I drew. I got the idea from Card Captor Sakura, the attic bedroom seemed very cosy, and bigger is not always better. The colors I choose are mostly warm colors. In a house by the sea, there is plenty of blues and greens from the ocean. Also, I was inspired by a Japanese bedroom designed whereby there was a window at the floor level beside the bed, so you can see whatever’s going on outside without getting up. I had more problems drawing the walls for this room than the others. The slanted edges were hard to draw with a computer, and both sides had to be parallel and that took me a few days. You would have seen a common trend for low tables and cushions for chairs in my designs, its Japanese inspired.

Film would be worth looking into this Dec.

I’ve always enjoyed films, and I think it really interesting how films are made, from the story-boarding to the special effects to the music. Star wars had a major impact on my interest in film, it had great music, great props and sets and costume designs, and a great cast. As compared to the recent “Last Air-bender”  which had a (in my opinion) had a really non-flowing story line and a casting that totally did not bring out the character of the characters in the story. Star Wars inspired me to read about the making of movies, like Star Wars, Twilight, Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I found their sets and costume design very interesting, how the brainstom process was like for Peter’s wardrobe in Narnia, and things like how they filmed some of the stunts in Twilight.


My Band Banner Design, and my sketches for SIBF cards (for my batch).

Write-up 5) Banner design

For the banner, I had to design something that tells people who we are, what we do, and since it is for an event which half of the people who come won’t remember the name of, the name had to be there. To combine all that, I decided to use instruments to show who we are (players) and what we do ( we make music with our instruments) and since it’s going to hang under the stage during the performance, it couldn’t be too glamorous or too attractive or it’ll distract the audience, so I made it very plain. It was just the words, made of instruments. The people in charge of painting did adjustments to it, they basically added in a double bass, and moved the euphonium with the XII to the right. The colour scheme is white and red. White stands out most from the black, and the band like red as it is very stricking. However, I do not have a photo of before that.

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